Morton, Gaston and Franz roads under construction in Katy


Transportation Updates


Transportation Updates

Morton Road expansion, Phase 1 (via Jeff Forward/Community Impact Newspaper)

1. Morton Road expansion, Phase 1

A 1-mile section of Morton Road between Katy Hockley Cut Off and Katy Hockley roads in the city of Katy will be widened from two to four lanes of concrete-paved road. Part of the project consists of replacing existing above-ground drainage ditches with underground storm sewers, curbs and gutters. Officials closed Morton Road to westbound traffic Aug. 8. The westbound closure is expected to continue until early December and was designed to complete the project faster, said Anas Garfaoui, a planning technician with the city of Katy. The project is about 35 percent complete as of mid-September, and work will continue through spring 2017.

Timeline: April-May 2017
Cost: $7.56 million
Funding sources: Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County

Transportation Updates

Cane Island Boulevard intersection, and railroad crossing (via Jeff Forward/Community Impact Newspaper)

2. Cane Island Boulevard intersection, and railroad crossing

A four-lane, concrete paved boulevard will be constructed spanning nearly 100 yards and connecting the existing northern segment of Cane Island Parkway with the southern segment of Cane Island Parkway in Katy. The intersection of Cane Island Parkway with Hwy. 90 will include a new railroad crossing with a lights and bells warning system and dropdown arm barriers crossing the existing railroad tracks. There will also be a four-way traffic signal at the intersection. When complete, drivers will be able to travel directly from I-10 north on Cane Island Parkway and into the Cane Island residential development.

Timeline: September 2016-June 2017
Cost: $2.1 million
Funding source: METRO

3. Gaston Road widening

Gaston Road will be widened over a  1.7-mile distance between Greenbusch and Katy Flewellen roads. The two-lane asphalt road will be replaced with a four-lane concrete boulevard with a raised median and underground storm sewer.

Timeline: April 2017-April 2018 (contingent upon right-of-way acquisition)
Cost: $9.1 million
Funding source: Fort Bend County

Transportation Updates

Franz Road project

4. Franz Road relocation and expansion, Phase No. 1

The two segments of Franz Road—the southern segment west of Avenue D and the northern segment east of Avenue D—will be connected with a new portion of road that travels in a southwest diagonal direction from the intersection of the northeastern segment of Franz Road and Avenue D. The entire new segment of Franz Road as well as the southwestern segment will be widened from two lanes to a four-lane, concrete-paved boulevard with curbs and gutters extending west to the second entrance of the residential development Falls at Green Meadows at Scott Ranch Road. A bridge will eventually be built crossing the Cane Island Branch of Buffalo Bayou.

Timeline: September 2016-June 2017
Cost: $2.1 million
Funding sources: METRO

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