Officials with the Harris County Flood Control District announced Aug. 30 plans to begin construction on the second set of project repair sites on Cypress Creek and its tributaries next month.

The goal is to restore channel conveyance capacity across the watershed, and this batch of project repairs includes nine channels that include tributaries of Faulkey Gully and Pillot Gully.

According to the construction advisory released by the flood control district, the maintenance project includes the removal of silt from the channel, erosion repair and prevention measures, outfall pipe removal and replacement, manhole replacements, concrete channel lining replacements, excavation and off-site disposal, imported fill, and site restoration.

The $3.3 million construction contract was awarded to Serco Construction Group, funded by the HCFCD’s 2018 bond program. Construction is estimated to last just over one year.

The construction timeline for each individual site has not yet been determined, but officials said multiple crews will be working on different sites simultaneously.

This is the second phase of a larger project slated to take place over six to eight phases. The first phase began construction in early June in the Spring and Klein areas and is estimated to run through fall 2023.

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