Alec Osborne, Lone Star Tennis Academy head coach, opened Lone Star Tennis alongside co-owners Jennifer Osborne and John Kendall in October 2022 to provide the community with a local tennis shop.

“This is one of the largest tennis communities in the U.S.,” he said.

Staying local

Having played tennis since he was 3 years old, Alec Osborne said his passion for the game led him to earn a sports administration degree from Mississippi State University.

With over 23 years of experience in the tennis industry and 10 years as a tennis coach, Alec and Jennifer Osborne said they decided to open a local tennis shop.

Alec Osborne said he encourages people to read about the benefits of tennis as it can increase people's life span and is a lifelong sport.

“It is one of the most biomechanically correct sports you can play with low impact on your joints,” Alec Osborne said.

Other tennis benefits include accessibility to tennis courts in the community as well as affordable tennis equipment options, he said.

“Tennis can be as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be. I mean, you could really get started for less than $100 to go play in a neighborhood court,” Alec Osborne said.

The details

The family-owned tennis shop provides tennis and pickleball supplies for recreational use and professional tennis players.

“Tennis is a lifelong sport you can play with your whole family—young kids, teenagers, young adults and those well into adulthood,” Jennifer Osborne said.

Supplies sold at the shop include tennis equipment such as rackets, balls, grips, apparel and accessories as well as pickleball balls, paddles and grips.

With tennis rackets ranging from $150-$300, Lone Star Tennis offers a variety of options made with quality materials and technology. Alec Osbrone said Yonex tennis rackets are made with vibration-dampening mesh that lowers unwanted vibrations.

To ensure customer satisfaction, Lone Star Tennis offers a demo program where customers can take tennis rackets home to test before purchasing. The shop's program provides three different racket options for $25.

In addition to retail services, Lone Star Tennis offers tennis racket stringing services priced at $20 and same-day rush orders at $25.

Alec Osborne said he hopes to bring a local one-stop shop to Harris County as it is one of the largest tennis communities in the U.S.

Lone Star Tennis community involvement includes collaborations with local schools and organizations with their most recent being a local pickleball tournament.