Cy-Fair Helping Hands has been recognized by the Houston Food Bank as a disaster distribution partner in case a hurricane or other natural disaster were to strike the Houston area.

“Proactive preparation for a disaster is critical for our community,” CFHH Executive Director Janet Ryan said in a statement. “Prior to a disaster, the Houston Food Bank routinely prepares trailers of food to distribute throughout the 18 counties they serve should a disaster arise. They work with partner organizations [such as CFHH] ... so that food can be quickly deployed in case of a disaster.”

Cy-Fair Helping Hands distributes food, goods and services to the local homeless population on a regular basis.

The big picture

Ryan said those who are already struggling financially have very limited resources at their disposal in the event of a disaster. Families and individuals may find themselves in dire need when facing unexpected situations, such as:
  • Job loss
  • Reduced wages
  • Illness
  • Divorce
  • Inflation
The backstory

Cy-Fair Helping Hands, founded in 2010, has 130 regular volunteers who serve in various capacities, and all funding comes from community donations, churches and businesses in the area.
  • Cy-Fair Helping Hands currently provides food to more than 2,000 people monthly.
  • The nonprofit expects the number of people needing assistance to increase during an emergency.
  • CFHH volunteers are prepared to be in place when the need arises.
Cy-Fair Helping Hands is located at 9606 Kirkton Drive, Houston. For more information, visit