With 122 certified volunteers under the leadership of shelter coordinator Jim Burkett, the American Red Cross Texas Gulf Coast Region storm shelter at the Sts. Simon And Jude Catholic Parish in The Woodlands has been one of several operating in Montgomery County as of May 2.

As of May 3, eight shelters were open for residents in the Greater Houston area to serve residents impacted by the rain that has caused flooding and power outages.

“We can set up for about 150 people in here,” Burkett said. “During [Hurricane] Harvey, we had 304 during the week. Now, people come and go.”

As of May 3, the shelters planned to stay open until May 5, when the storms were predicted to pass. The organization works with communities to help those seeking shelter with volunteers giving their time or donations.

“We love when communities help communities, when neighbors help neighbors, because it allows us to open up more shelters like this,” said Brittney Rochell, regional communications director for the Texas Gulf Coast Region.

What to know

The shelters provide services such as cots, food and showers for residents affected by flooding.

The locations include:
  • Philippian’s New Faith Baptist Church, 7858 Angus St., Houston
  • Greenhouse International Church, 200 W. Greens Road, Houston
  • Calvary Baptist Church, 816 N. Blair Ave., Cleveland
  • Sts. Simon And Jude Catholic Parish, 26777 Glen Loch Drive, The Woodlands
  • Lone Star Community Center, 200 Lone Star Parkway, Montgomery
  • Dunbar Gym, 1103 Dunbar St., Livingston,
  • San Jacinto County Disaster Shelter, 255 Live Oak St., Coldspring
  • Burning Hope Baptist Church, 301 E. Pegoda Road, Trinity
How to help

Anyone who would like to donate or volunteer can visit: www.redcross.org/local/texas/gulf-coast.