Locals in Harris and Montgomery counties will have two locations they can visit to donate their live Christmas trees as part of a donation drive hosted by the San Jacinto River Authority and Texas Parks & Wildlife’s Inland Fisheries department, according to a Dec. 27 news release.

The SJRA monitors water quality in the San Jacinto basin, provides water to municipal utility districts and other entities, and operates the Lake Conroe Dam.

What you need to know

According to the news release, live Christmas trees that are free of all decorations can be dropped off:

  • In Montgomery County at the west end of the Lake Conroe Dam
  • In Harris County at the southwest corner of the Highlands Reservoir

A closer look

The donated live Christmas trees will be repurposed as artificial fish habitats, according to the news release. The SJRA will attach the trees to cement blocks and sink them in predetermined locations throughout Lake Conroe.

Once all the trees are sunk, the SJRA will share the locations on social media so people can use them as fishing destinations, according to the news release.

What they’re saying

  • “Every year, SJRA staff in collaboration with Texas Parks & Wildlife gather bunches of Christmas trees to form what are known as brush reefs. These reefs are deployed into Lake Conroe and provide food and protection for prey species of fish while attracting the predator species that are so much fun to catch,” said Bret Raley, SJRA Lake Conroe division manager.
  • “SJRA has hosted the Christmas Tree Drive for a number of years. We are honored to be able to offer a second drop-off location this year at the Highlands Division office in Harris County. This will allow local area residents to participate in the drive, without having to make the trip to Lake Conroe," SJRA Highlands Division Manager Richard Tramm said.

One more thing

The last day live Christmas trees can be donated is Jan. 26, according to the news release. Donated trees must be free of all decorations.