Montgomery County election data shows 14,451 ballots were cast during the first week of early voting from Oct. 23-28, or 3.4% of registered voters within the county.

What you need to know

Early voting runs through Nov. 3, with Election Day following on Nov. 7. During the last week of early voting, individuals will still be able to cast ballots at any of the early voting locations in the county with slightly expanded hours:
  • Oct. 30-Nov. 3: 7 a.m.-7 p.m.
The data

Out of 424,999 registered voters in Montgomery County, turnout at each of the early voting locations was as follows:
  • Willis: 1,078
  • Spring Creek Greenway: 1,177
  • Splendora: 224
  • Magnolia: 813
  • The Woodlands: 4,756
  • East County Annex: 1,141
  • Montgomery: 1,450
  • Conroe: 2,025
  • Magnolia Event Center: 1,074
  • Limited and mail-in: 713
The background

Voter turnout in odd years historically runs lower than during midterm or presidential elections.

Registered voters are still able to vote at any of the nine voting locations across the county. However, voters will have to go to their designated voting precincts on Election Day. Follow Community Impact's live election coverage Nov. 7 here.