Officials with the city of Conroe engaged in the first public meeting regarding the operating budget for the capital improvement program for fiscal year 2023-24 at a June 6 budget workshop. Collin Boothe, the city of Conroe’s director of finance, along with multiple department heads and City Council members discussed project needs for future infrastructure projects.

The outlook

According to City Council discussion June 6, city officials are considering calling for a bond election to fund FY 2023-24 capital improvement projects. Citing the high cost of building the Hyatt Regency Conroe and Convention Center that opened in May, council members agreed calling for a bond could be the best way to fund high-priority projects. Voters would weigh in on the bond. City officials said a bond election could be called for November or May, but the idea of a bond election must first be presented to council.

City officials could not provide a date for when the last bond was called but said it has been more than 17 years.

A few projects that could appear on a potential ballot for a bond include:
  • Water and sewer building expansion: $1.2 million
  • Police driving track property: $2 million
  • Fire station at Grand Central Park: $8 million
  • New senior center: Cost TBD
  • Performing arts center: Cost TBD
Also in discussion

Besides the idea of calling a bond election for larger projects, City Council and department leaders discussed additional capital improvement projects needed throughout the city. Boothe said project submissions for FY 2023-24 total over $403.5 million. With a similar dollar amount as the ongoing fiscal year, Boothe said the city only approved $127.6 million for CIP projects in FY 2022-23.

Street projects
  • Street rehab at Lake Conroe Forest Phase 2: $3.7 million
  • Street rehab for Tanglewood-Briarwood Phase 2: $6.7 million
  • Downtown alleyway improvements: $500,000
  • Airport Road extension: $10 million
Parks projects
  • Aquatic Center improvements: $1.6 million
  • Parkland acquisition: $5 million
  • San Jacinto River Trail: $485,000
  • Senior Center improvements: $2 million
Water projects
  • Water plant at Moran Ranch: $400,000
  • Water plant in Northwest Operational Zone: $8 million
  • Water extension for Old Montgomery Road: $2.2 million
  • Water well redrilling for plants Nos. 6 & 14: $3.7 each
Next steps

No action was taken at the budget workshop. All projects are still in the discussion phase and can be moved to different fiscal years or killed until a vote is taken in September on the budget.

Regarding a possible bond election, Boothe said there is no timeline as the idea needs to be presented to council. A presentation on the process and use of bond funds is expected to be held during a future Conroe City Council meeting.
  • The proposed budget will be submitted to City Council on July 20.
  • A vote will take place for the budget proposal on Sept. 14.