Turrango’s, a dry fire range, is set to open its doors in Conroe, President Joe Turrigiano confirmed via email.

“Dry fire is a less expensive alternative to live fire,” Turrigiano said. “With the cost of ammunition going up all the time, I run into people that don't shoot as often as they would like. Dry fire is not an alternative to live fire training, but rather an addition that allows people to hone their skills while saving money on ammunition.”

Turrigiano said opening the business was a “vision born out of my deep-rooted passion for firearm safety and proficiency.”

“I saw an opportunity to not only fill this void but also to foster a culture of responsible gun ownership combined with a fun and inviting atmosphere for people of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy themselves,” Turrigiano said. “Turrango's Dry Fire Range isn't just a business venture; it's a commitment to empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to handle firearms safely and effectively while having a blast.”

At Turrango’s, customers will have the opportunity to enjoy dry fire shooting while honing their firearm skills, Turrigiano said.

“It is great for group outings, corporate events, date nights or the serious shooter looking to improve shooting skills while saving money on ammunition,” Turrigiano said. “People can expect to come to an inviting place where they can relax and train with firearms to sharpen their skills while having fun.”