From local coffee spots to a candy shop, there's a variety of business to support locally. Here are eight businesses featured in the Conroe-Montgomery edition of Community Impact in 2023.

1. Blue Willow Coffee

Melissa Jones opened Blue Willow Coffee in November 2021 to add a local coffee shop to Willis, which at the time, the only coffee shop available in the area was Starbucks.Read Melissa's story.

2. New Nostalgia Studio

Staci Gumpenberger said her passion for preserving memories was fueled by a tragic event at age 7 in which her house, personal belongings, photos and childhood memories were burned.Read the full story.

3. Bakers Bouquet

Sarah Moore said she grew up baking with her mother. After running a small cookie business out of their home, they considered what it would look like to one day open a bakery. Thus, in November 2020, Bakers Bouquet opened in Conroe.Keep reading.

4. Sugar Sugar

Best friends Hannah Neville and Ashlynn Novak opened Sugar Sugar in June 2022, a candy store that offers a variety of sour candies, chocolates, old-fashioned sodas and chocolate truffles.Read the full story.

5. Frankenboltzzzz Brewing Co.

Charles Coleman began brewing beer with his mother in 1998 as a way to bond when his father passed away. Twenty-two years later, he decided to quit his day job and pursue the brewing industry with his wife, Michelle.Keep reading.

6. Strategic Mind Games

Kris Bilbrey said he grew up an avid fan of games; however, Bilbrey said after searching Conroe, he could not find a venue that housed the gaming community. As such, Bilbrey opened Strategic Mind Games in June 2022.Read more.

7. Douglas Jewelers

Greg Gordon bought Douglas Jewelers in 2012, but the jeweler said he has always had a passion for the business. Douglas Jewelers has been operating for over 54 years, with the last five years in Conroe.Read the full story.

8. Grace Goods Boutique

When Cara McCollum’s daughters Molly and Madi were in high school, she said they would say frequently, “We have nothing to wear.” So Cara said after having previously owned a boutique, it made sense to open one of their own.Keep reading.