Greg Gordon bought Douglas Jewelers in 2012, but the jeweler said he has always had a passion for the business.

Douglas Jewelers has been operating for over 54 years, with the last five years in Conroe.

The business offers a variety of services such as buying, selling and repairing items such as Rolex watches and jewelry.

“We handpick our selection; it’s not a generic look,” Gordon said.

While in college, Gordon was studying medicine but said his passion for jewelry began to grow. After telling his parents and wife he wanted to pursue jewelry instead of medicine, Gordon said his then to-be wife gave him two years to make it in the jewelry business.

Within his first year, Gordon said his first client was Walmart—where he said he sold his jewelry, became one of the top vendors and was able to launch his career.

Gordon said the biggest difference between his mom-and-pop jewelry store and more well-known, corporate jewelry stores is the type of stone clients are receiving.

He said corporate stores create their diamonds in a lab, whereas his stones are natural and come from the earth. Gordon said he prefers it this way because he believes there is a more sentimental value that comes from a natural stone.

“Even the young kids that come in and [shop]; they are excited about it,” Gordon said. “But they are taking the time to shop for [their significant other], and that’s special.”

Gordon said retail jewelry workers have one goal: sell the jewelry. As such, he said he does not try to compete with big business jewelry stores.

He said when someone walks through the door, his goal is to make them a lifelong customer, not just a one-time purchase customer.

Gordon said the sentimental value is one of the reasons why he enjoys working as a jeweler.

“When a husband and wife [get] married, he picks the stone, and that’s the one God made,” Gordon said. “To me that’s a lot more romantic than the one that was incubated.”

3 jewelry types at Douglas Jewelers
  • Rolex watches ($100-$100,000) are bestsellers, Gordon said.
  • Cross necklaces ($1,000 and up) come in sterling silver, gold and platinum.
  • Custom sets (sold for $100,000) are available. Prices vary.
Douglas Jewelers
  • 1109 W. Dallas St., Ste., 130, Conroe
  • 936-539-1109
  • Hours: Tue.-Fri. 10 a.m.-5 p.m., Sat. 10 a.m.-4 p.m., closed Sun.-Mon.