Clear Creek ISD superintendent earns raise in performance evaluation

The Clear Creek ISD board of trustees in early October amended Superintendent Greg Smith’s contract, which included giving him a 2 percent pay increase.

According to documents obtained from an open records request filed by Community Impact Newspaper, Smith now has a base salary of $286,267.08, effective July 1, 2018. That is $5,613.08 higher than his previous salary of $280,654.

Smith’s 2016-17 contract included $23,436 in district contributions on Smith's behalf to the Teacher Retirement System of Texas for a total salary of $304,090 per the Texas Education Agency. Smith’s amended contract calls for $23,903 in district contributions to his retirement for a total salary of $310,170.08.

The superintendent’s contract also was amended to include language that says when he retires the district will contribute a one-time payment for his unused state and local leave calculated at his then-daily pay rate up to $56,000. The money will go into the superintendent’s retirement plan in place of any entitlement to reimbursement for leave under district policy, according to the documents.

Community Impact Newspaper also requested the board’s evaluation of Smith’s performance. CCISD officials declined to disclose the evaluation, stating it is confidential under the Texas Education Code.
By Jake Magee

Editor, Bay Area & Pearland/Friendswood

Jake has been a print journalist for several years, covering numerous beats including city government, education, business and more. Starting off at a daily newspaper in southern Wisconsin, Magee covered two small cities before being promoted to covering city government in the heart of newspaper's coverage area. He moved to Houston in mid-2018 to be the editor for and launch the Bay Area edition of Community Impact Newspaper. Today, he covers everything from aerospace to transportation to flood mitigation.