Buc-ee’s is coming to Katy

Buc-ee's coming to Katy

Buc-ee’s has stores in more than two dozen cities throughout Texas. (via Google Map ©2016 Google)

UPDATED: 5:36 p.m., Aug. 15

Buc-ee’s is coming to Katy after the Katy City Council Monday night unanimously approved an economic development agreement to bring the popular convenience store and gas station chain to the city.

Kayce Reina, director of marketing and tourism for the city of Katy, said the new Buc-ee’s will be located at the northeast corner of I-10 and the new Cane Island Parkway, easily accessible from the new Cane Island overpass and exit ramps from I-10, set to open in June 2017.

“We thought Katy was the perfect match,” said Arch “Beaver” Aplin III, co-founder and CEO of Buc-ee’s. “We think it’s a great opportunity. It will be a large facility.”

Aplin—who was present at Monday’s meeting—said plans are still in the development stage for the new Buc-ee’s, but the store is expected to be at least 50,000-square-feet with an estimated 100 gas pumps and all the chain’s signature food offerings, including the famously clean restrooms and Texas-themed gifts.

Construction on the new Buc-ee’s is set to begin this summer and expected to be completed by summer 2017.

Katy City Administrator Byron Hebert said he was extremely excited to have a Buc-ee’s in Katy, predicting the new store would generate an estimated $25 million in sales tax revenue per year for the city.

Hebert said the $25 million in expected revenue from the Buc-ee’s will equate to about $125,000 per year in revenue for the city.

“It’s good for the city of Katy,” Hebert said. “It’s a good economic addition for us. For us, being the door [to Houston]on the west for travelers going east, it’s going to bring tourists to the city along with [Typhoon Texas].”

Katy Mayor Fabol Hughes also expressed his gratitude to Aplin for choosing Katy and said the expected sales tax revenue generated from the gas station will be a big boost to the city.

Katy City Council Member Chuck Brawner said the Buc-ee’s and the new Ron Hoover RV & Marine dealership on the south side of I-10 will attract travelers from the interstate to both businesses.

“We’ll be able to get a little income,” Brawner said. “It’s a win-win for the property owners and the citizens driving through.”

Council approves hiring of new fire chief

Katy new fire chief russell wilson_1

Russell Wilson was hired as the new Katy fire chief in a unanimous vote at the March 14 City Council meeting. (via Jeff Forward/Community Impact Newspaper)

Russell Wilson, an assistant fire chief at the Irving Fire Department, was unanimously approved by the Katy City Council as the city’s new fire chief.

Wilson is expected to begin work on May 2, replacing outgoing Fire Chief Rufus Summers.

“Coming to Katy and just seeing the close-knit community and community atmosphere, that was one of the reasons I was drawn here,” Wilson said. “The explosive growth in the community and knowing the need that will follow is a great attraction for me.”

Wilson has been with the Irving Fire Department for more than 27 years and has a master’s degree in fire and emergency management administration from Oklahoma State University. He serves as the public information officer for the Irving Fire Department as well as managing the emergency medical services and fire prevention divisions.

Hughes used part of  his closing comments to praise Wilson and thank him for accepting the job.

“We know where you came from and what you’re all about,” Hughes said. “We’re excited to see what you can do.”

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  1. Well, get ready for a huge traffic jam….I tried to visit a Bucees, the one on I-10 near Luling and it was like a rock concert….You could not even get to the gas pumps much less get a place to park….I’ve never seen anything like it, but YES, it will bring Katy some much needed revenue…but just get ready for traffic big time.

  2. I’m all for smart additions to tax revenue that capitalize on the passthrough traffic.

    How did the $25m figure come about? If the city’s sales tax is 1%, that means this Bucee’s will do $2.5 billion in sales?

    • Katy City Administrator Byron Hebert said March 28 the Buc-ee’s is expected to generate $25 million in sales tax-eligible revenue per year.
      The city is expected to receive $125,000 in sale taxes annually from the gas station/convenience store’s sales, Hebert said.

  3. That exit was not the best choice for a Bucees. Seems like it will flood a lot and I hear the road is going no where South because of a well head at the foot of the bridge on the that side. The state has no domain rights over oil or gas wells. Someone didn’t do their home work before the bridge was placed there. All Bucees are zoos on the weekends. Wish they would have built it 8 years ago. Lots of high school kids were driving half way to San Antonio to visit Bucees. I sure didn’t like my kids going that far for fudge and candy.

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