The Texas Medical Center officials announced the latest major development, the TMC BioPort, during a Sept. 20 State of TMC event.

With the goal to cover more than 500 acres, the biomanufacturing campus is expected to go up south of the 610 loop between Houston’s Brentwood and South Main neighborhoods.

The purpose of the BioPort is to produce and manufacture medicines and medical technologies in the city of Houston, according to TMC President and CEO William McKeon.

“During the COVID-19 pandemic we saw the weakness of our supply chain, which is largely outside the United States,” McKeon said at the event. “From vaccines, from major drugs, there's a huge move underway in Washington, [D.C.], to move a lot of that technology back to the United States.”

The consulting firm Economic & Planning Systems estimates the new campus will bring 100,000 new jobs to the Greater Houston area.

No timeline has been released for the project, but construction could begin as early as 2025, according to McKeon.

“We will double the size of the medical center in five to 10 years with the TMC BioPort,” he said.