New average daily coronavirus cases rose week over week following reports from the Houston Health Department of an increased virus load in the city’s wastewater.

An average of 645 people per day tested positive for COVID-19 in the week of May 2 compared to 377 per day the previous week, according to the Texas Medical Center.

Despite the increase in cases, the TMC announced this week's report the final COVID-19 dashboard.

“With advancements in treatment and the successes in vaccination, we are now able to effectively manage with the virus in our community. On Monday, May 9th, TMC will publish a final set of dashboards to conclude this collective effort,” the TMC announced on its website.

TMC institutions reported a decrease in average new COVID-19 patients per day with 59 new hospitalizations, under the previous week’s 62 new hospitalizations.

As of May 8, nearly 1.4 million people are fully vaccinated in the Greater Houston area, according to the TMC.