City officials in southeast Houston, including Friendswood, League City, Manvel and Pearland, are assessing the damages from Tropical Storm Beryl and looking to make the next steps to recovery.

The overview

City officials in Friendswood are looking to collect storm debris and encouraged residents via Facebook to separate fence debris; woody debris, such as limbs and trees; and regular garbage.

According to the Harris County Flood Warning System, Friendswood has gotten over 10 inches of rainfall.

The city of Manvel also encourages residents to separate debris and provided the following notes for cleanup in a July 8 news release:
  • Take yard debris to the curb or edge of the roadside.
  • Do not block ditches with debris.
  • Keep fencing material, carpet and sheetrock separate from woody material. Woody material can be mulched to reduce the volume of waste.
  • If trees are blocking driveways, public works can be contacted through the public portal or by phone at 281-489-0630.
Quote of note

Manvel Mayor Dan Davis said he and city officials are working toward recovery for Manvel residents.

"Over the past 24 hours, our emergency response team, City Council and community have come together to respond to the challenges Hurricane Beryl presented," Davis said in a July 8 comment. "Now that the hurricane has passed, we are actively working with CenterPoint [Energy] to restore power to all Manvel residents, clearing roads and drainage blocks, and working with Crowder Gulf to coordinate heavy debris pickup."

What else?

League City Mayor Nick Long reported about 7 inches of rain seen in League City and about 26,000 homes without power at around 11 a.m. July 8 via Facebook through a live segment. He also noted no major damage has occurred from Beryl.

“[It’s] mostly just vegetation down around the city—trees, things like that, fences—but no real serious flooding and no huge amount of damage so far,” Long said in the segment.

Another detail

Pearland Mayor Kevin Cole also updated the city in a live segment via Facebook.

He said the western portion of Pearland, including Shadow Creek, was closest to the eyewall of Tropical Storm Beryl, being about 5 miles from it. According to the Harris County FWS, Pearland received up to over 11 inches of rainfall.

He also said since trees are older in Pearland, aging from 30-40 years old, there will be a variety of tree damage seen throughout the city. He said he hopes to be able to better assess damages to the city by July 9.

Cole said he and city officials are also working with CenterPoint Energy to assess electricity outages.

“We are working with CenterPoint now on what the next stages are,” Cole said in the segment “They are estimating now that the total recovery for [power outages] would be five to seven days. What that means for us, specifically, I’m not sure yet.”

Staying prepared

To access emergency alerts for Friendswood, League City, Manvel and Pearland, click on the following links: