Here are the local elections taking place in March, November for Bay Area residents

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For Texas residents, this year will be a signification one for elections. With May and November elections and their runoffs looming, voters will be heading to the polls often, and it all starts with the primary elections less than six weeks away.

On March 3, Bay Area voters will be able to cast ballots for partisan races from the U.S. president down to county officials. See below for a noncomprehensive list of the locals you can vote for. Voters can cast ballots for Republican or Democratic candidates, but not both.

After the primaries, the winning candidate from each party will face off in the general election Nov. 3.

Early voting for the primaries begins Feb. 18. Feb. 21 is the last day to apply for early voting by mail. The last day of early voting is Feb. 28.

Bay Area residents can vote at any vote center in their respective counties on election day and at any center open for early voting.

D: Democrat

R: Republican

*: Incumbent


U.S. House of Representatives, District 14

R: Joshua Foxworth

R: Randy Weber*

D: Sanjanetta Barnes

D: Adrienne Bell

D: Eddie Fisher

D: Robert “Puga” Thomas

D: Mikal Williams

U.S. House of Representatives, District 22

R: Pierce Bush

R: Jon Camarillo

R: Douglas Haggard

R: Aaron Hermes

R: Greg Hill

R: Matt Hinton

R: Dan Mathews

R: Diana Miller

R: Troy Nehls

R: Brandon T. Penko

R: Shandon Phan

R: Bangar Reddy

R: Howard Steele

R: Kathaleen Wall

R: Joe Walz

D: Chris Fernandez

D: Sri Preston Kulkarni

D: Nyanza Davis Moore

D: Carmine Petrillo III

D: Derrick A. Reed

U.S. House of Representatives, District 36

R: Brian Babin*

R: RJ Boatman

D: Rashad Lewis

Texas Senate, District 11

R: Larry Taylor*

D: Susan Criss

D: Margarita Ruiz Johnson

Texas House of Representatives, District 24

R: Greg Bonnen*

D: Brian J. Rogers

Texas House of Representatives, District 129

R: Ryan Lee

R: Dennis Paul*

D: Kayla Alix

State Board of Education, District 8

R: Audrey Young

D: Sharon E. Berry


County Court Precinct 1 commissioner

R: Darrell Apffel*

County Court Precinct 3 commissioner

D: Stephen D. Holmes*


R: Henry A. Trochesset*

D: Mark Salinas

Tax-assessor collector

R: Cheryl E. Johnson*



R: Joe Danna

R: Paul Day

R: Randy Rush

D: Ed Gonzalez*

D: Jerome Moore

D: Harry Zamora

Tax-assessor collector

R: Chris Daniel

D: Ann Harris Bennett

D: Jolanda “Jo” Jones

D: Jack Terence

District attorney

R: Lori Deangelo

R: Mary Huffman

R: Lloyd Wayne Oliver

D: Carvana Cloud

D: Audia Jones

D: Kim Ogg*

D: Todd Overstreet

County attorney

R: John Nation

D: Christian Dashaun Menefee

D: Ben Rose

D: Vince Ryan*
By Jake Magee

Editor, Bay Area & Pearland/Friendswood

Jake has been a print journalist for several years, covering numerous beats including city government, education, business and more. Starting off at a daily newspaper in southern Wisconsin, Magee covered two small cities before being promoted to covering city government in the heart of newspaper's coverage area. He moved to Houston in mid-2018 to be the editor for and launch the Bay Area edition of Community Impact Newspaper. Today, he covers everything from aerospace to transportation to flood mitigation.