Workers have completed projects at three League City Parkway intersections to ease congestion and improve traffic flow.

The full story

According to a city news release, as of Aug. 14 work is complete where Landing Boulevard, Magnolia Meadow Lane and Bay Area Boulevard intersect with League City Parkway.

Improvements include replacing stop signs with traffic signals and adding dedicated right-turn lanes on some streets. The driveway at Gilmore Elementary School was also upgraded to improve traffic in front of the school during drop-off and pickup times, according to the release.

The three traffic signals were activated in early August to allow drivers to get used to them before the start of the school year. The city’s traffic department will monitor the intersections’ traffic flow to synchronize the signals appropriately to maximize efficiency, the release reads.

Some context

The project is part of the $72 million bond League City voters approved in May 2019. Other projects include reconstructing Calder Road and widening Grissom Road, among others.