The Exploration Green Conservancy, a nonprofit dedicated to maintaining Exploration Green, is seeking volunteers.

The gist

According to a news release, the nonprofit needs someone to chair the Events/Communications Committee, be a volunteer coordinator and lead IT at the nonprofit. Additionally, the nonprofit is seeking volunteers to monitor Exploration Green phases and remove invasive species.


The committee chair would be responsible for:
  • Creating and executing plans for community events at Exploration Green
  • Coordinating with other organizations to ensure events are as impactful as possible
  • Communicating events via social media, email blasts and the nonprofit’s website
The volunteer coordinator would be responsible for:
  • Orienting new volunteers and helping them find their place at Exploration Green
  • Coordinating with outside groups and committees to schedule volunteer work days
  • Maintaining a database of volunteers and hours worked
The IT lead would be responsible for:
  • Identifying and implementing IT tools for Exploration Green
  • Assisting users to make the best use of such tools
Phase monitors would be responsible for:
  • Observing and reporting on issues at one assigned Exploration Green phase
  • Walking that phase once every two weeks to report dead trees, broken branches, litter and irrigation leaks
Invasive team members would be responsible for:
  • Removing invasive plant species and some aggressive native species from Exploration Green after being taught what to look for and how to remove them
One more thing

Exploration Green is a project to convert an old golf course into a series of detention ponds and natural amenities in Clear Lake.

The project, which protects surrounding homes from flooding during storms and has a hike and bike trail for residents to enjoy, includes five phases, and the final phase is set to wrap up this summer.

The project is being done by the Clear Lake City Water Authority, an entity that provides water, sewer and drainage services to Clear Lake.