NASA’s Crew Compartment Trainer-2 in December will be part of the Lone Star Flight Museum’s display.

On Nov. 4, crews transported the trainer, which has trained astronauts for more than 35 years, from Johnson Space Center, 2101 E. NASA Parkway, Houston, to the museum at 11551 Aerospace Ave., Houston, according to a press release. The trainer will be an interactive display for museum visitors.

In May 1974 at JSC’s Space Vehicle Mockup Facility, construction began on the first of three space shuttle mockups designed to train astronauts. The facility also housed two CCTs, one of which is now at the Lone Star Flight Museum.

The facility later included mockups of the International Space Station and NASA’s Orion spacecraft.

Astronauts used the CCTs in March 1977 to train in spaceflight. The final training sessions in such mockups occurred in June 2011.

One of the CCTs is at the National Museum of the Air Force in Dayton, Ohio, and the second is at the Lone Star Flight Museum. Another training apparatus, the Full Fuselage Trainer, is on display at the Seattle Museum of Flight.

The Lone Star Flight Museum in April received a NASA space shuttle simulator to display as well.

The Lone Star Flight Museum is a nonprofit museum featuring historic aircraft and achievements in Texas aviation.