Houston's Solid Waste Management Department is initiating the first pass of storm debris collection May 20 for single-family homes and neighborhoods affected by the May 16 storm.

Two-minute impact

According to a May 20 news release from the city of Houston, several city departments, along with the city's emergency management operations team, conducted damage assessment procedures throughout the weekend.
  • The storm generated approximately 1 million cubic yards of residential storm debris.
  • Debris removal efforts are expected to last for two to three months.
Debris removal operations started May 20. Residents are asked to place debris for collection curbside, at least 5 feet away from any obstructions and overhead obstacles.

Any debris placed from the sidewalk toward the property will not be picked up.

What residents need to know

Debris needs to be separated into six distinct categories, including garbage, vegetative, construction, appliances, electronics and household hazardous waste.
  • Garbage: Normal household trash will not be picked up with debris as part of this program.
  • Vegetative: This includes logs, plants and tree branches. Leaves are asked to not be placed in bags.
  • Construction: including building materials, carpet, drywall, furniture, lumber and mattresses
  • Appliances: including air conditioners, dishwashers, refrigerators, stoves, washers and water heaters
  • Electronics: including computers, radios, stereos, televisions and any devices with a cord
  • Hazardous waste: including cleaning supplies, batteries, lawn chemicals, oils and pesticides
Residents are asked not to place debris near or on trees, poles, fire hydrants or meters. The city is encouraging residents to report all debris removal needs to the 311 Call Center.