Following an influx of dog and puppy intakes, the League City Animal Care & Adoption Center is facing “critical” capacity issues and is hoping some of them can be adopted at an event set for March 21.

The backstory

Between March 15 and 18, League City’s animal shelter took in 24 dogs and puppies, boosting the total number of housed canines to 85, which is 37 more dogs than the shelter is designed to comfortably accommodate, Animal Services Supervisor Lynette Bodmer said.

For comparison, 24 dogs was the total the shelter took in the whole week prior to that weekend in question.

“Basically, in three days, we saw as many come in as we did the entire previous week,” Bodmer said.

In order to quickly adopt the dogs out and make room for other dogs in need, the shelter will offer what officials called “name your price” adoption fees for all dogs starting March 21 through at least the end of March, Bodmer said.
What’s next?

To encourage adoptions, the shelter starting March 21 will waive the $75 dollar adoption fee and ask adopters to pay what they wish. The spay or neuter, microchip, rabies vaccine and deworming services will still be included in the adoption process, Bodmer said.

The shelter will continue this policy through the end of March and potentially even longer, Bodmer said.

One more thing

Bodmer emphasized there are many ways people can still support the shelter’s missions and its animals, even if they aren’t able to offer a permanent home for the dogs.

“Your local shelter needs your help,” Bodmer said. “We have foster programs whether they're long term or short term overnight, [we have] you know so many volunteer opportunities, and we have various ways to give.”