League City City Council appointed Council Member Justin Hicks as mayor pro tem.

The gist

On Nov. 28, League City City Council voted to select Hicks as mayor pro tem, replacing the former Mayor Pro Tem Andy Mann.

The mayor pro tem is a council member who assumes the mayor's responsibilities if the mayor is absent or unable to perform mayoral duties.

In their own words

Council members Tom Crews and Chad Tressler were the only council members who spoke against Hicks’ nomination and voted to nominate Tressler instead.

“This position requires someone with traits of character like being a gentleman,” Crews said. “Some of these traits are consideration, being generous, polite, confident but not arrogant, honest and ethical. Council man Hicks is lacking in all of these.”

Tressler said that he felt Hicks was often absent from meetings, particularly at the start of work sessions.

“That to me is a logistical challenge on making him mayor pro tem,” Tressler said. “In the interest of saying I tried to keep that from happening, I second [nominating Tressler instead].