Design work and land acquisition for a new water transmission line, known as the Southeast Transmission Line, that runs from southeast Houston to League City continues and is expected to finish in 2024, Public Works Director Jody Hooks said.

Construction on the new water line is expected to bid in 2025 and continue through 2028, Hooks said.

"[The Southeast Transmission Line] will expand capacity for future growth and restore reliability to the primary water supply line serving League City’s east and west side service areas," Hooks said.

The new water line will replace an existing 42-inch water line, which has been in service since 1972 and has experienced multiple failures over the last 10 years as it has reached the end of its expected service life, Hooks said. The water line carries most of League City's water from the Southeast Water Purification Plant in South Houston, Community Impact previously reported.

The new line will be approximately 8 miles and a combination of 54, 48 and 42 inches that will supply 37.5 million gallons of surface water daily to League City, Hooks said.

The current estimated cost of the collaborative project is $227 million, and League City will provide $88.39 million to fund the water line, Hooks said. The project will be funded by different partners including Houston and League City, Community Impact previously reported.

Furthermore, the city has made deals with the Gulf Coast Water Authority and others for water acquisitions to accommodate current and expected growth of water demand in the city, Hooks said.