Before the idea of Stan’s Pop Shop came to mind, owners Karen and James Slaton drove around Webster and asked about available space for a business.

The couple had always wanted to start a business, but they were unsure of what it would be. Today, Stan’s Pop Shop sells Funko Pop figures and special sodas and candies.

“I’ve always wanted a candy store,” Karen said. “And he thought about Funko [Pops], ... and we thought the soda would be cool because that’s not something you just find anywhere.”

At first, in January 2021, the shop was online only, but distributors wanted some of the items they offered in the shop to be sold in the Webster store, the Slatons said. They opened the physical shop in June 2021 and held an appreciation event for the store’s one-year anniversary.

“Webster is a great city,” Karen said. “It still has a little bit of that small-town feel even though it’s part of this huge city.”

The name Stan’s Pop Shop was inspired by the store’s offerings: “Stan” is slang for mega fan, while “pop” stands for Funko Pop, soda pop and pop culture, James said.

“I go by Stan now,” James said. “I didn’t think about that until people started calling me Stan.”

Stan’s Pop Shop has seasonal soda, such as Dublin lemonade, green apple, huckleberry, and pumpkin spice and caramel apple soda in the fall.

“We have regulars that’ll come in and stock up for the week,” James said. “We’re building out our collection because we ask the customer what they’re looking for.”

Every month, Karen creates a themed mystery box for customers. She includes candies and sodas. In June, she put together a box with items she thought dads would like. She also did a children’s theme, a sour theme and a retro ’80s theme.

Stan’s Pop Shop may expand in the near future. If they did, they would include a craft soda bar and a place for customers to hang out.

“We’re in the business of not toys and candy, but ... of happiness and joy,” James said.

Stan's Pop Shop

17070 Hwy. 3, Webster


Hours: Tue.-Sat. noon-7 p.m., Sun. noon-6 p.m., closed Mon.