Jennifer Gurley invites those who do not experience stress relief from meditation, massages or acupuncture to try something different: flotation therapy.

Jennifer, the owner of Infinity Float Center with her husband, Mark Gurley, said flotation therapy is a way for customers to leave behind distractions, even their own bodies, and simply relax for 60 to 90 minutes in a stress-free environment.

Infinity Float Center features several 6-by-8-foot tanks filled with about 10 inches of water that contain hundreds of pounds of dissolved salt. The high-density water is similar to the Dead Sea and allows customers to effortlessly float on the surface.

After a few minutes in the dark, body-temperature tanks, customers feel like they are floating in space, free from distractions—including gravity, Jennifer said.

“It’s truly an hour where you don’t have to do anything,” she said.

Regular customers and newcomers have been coming to the center since it opened in March 2017. Before that, the Gurleys bought a float tank for their home they let friends and family use.

“Pretty soon we were getting calls from strangers,” Jennifer said.

It was around that time the Gurleys decided to open a full-time business.

Jennifer said she can easily spot the difference in customers’ moods and stress levels after they float.

“They don’t realize how good it is to be that disconnected,” she said.

The Gurleys said they hope to one day expand their business with additional locations so more people can experience float therapy.

“This is exactly what everybody needs,” Jennifer said. “They do it once and fall in love with it.”