Three road projects in Richardson are set to be funded as part of an annual road repair program.

The projects, which are currently in the design phase, are expected to cost a little under $2.8 million, according to the city’s project map. Funding will come from the city’s street rehabilitation fund, which has over $11.4 million in available funds.

What you need to know

Per the project map, construction will impact three areas:
  • East Belt Line Road between Walton Street and North Plano Road
  • Melrose Drive between Custer Road and US 75
  • Renner Road between US 75 and Brand Road
The three projects are part of the fiscal year 2023-24 arterial repair program, which is targeted at segments of various roadways. City Manager Don Magner said the effort involves full depth repair of the roads, which includes removing portions of the asphalt roadway and putting down a fresh asphalt overlay.

“My goal with infrastructure as it relates to streets every single year is to maximize the amount of street we can improve,” Magner said.

The context

On average, about $35 million is earmarked for street and alley repair projects in Richardson, Magner said, adding that the community investment sends a strong message to property owners that the city takes care of the basic infrastructure needs.

“If you look at the age of our infrastructure, we really have to keep our foot on the gas pedal,” Magner said. “Since 2012, the City Council has increased the amount of funding dedicated to street, alley, water and wastewater maintenance.”

Magner further emphasized that with nearly 80% of the city’s infrastructure at least 25 years old—the useful life of a concrete asset such as a street—there is no room for complacency in addressing road maintenance needs. City funds paid for two other arterial repair projects—one on Arapaho Road and another on East Spring Valley Road—through the 2022-23 budget.

“If we don’t do [repairs], you quickly start to lose ground and fall behind,” Magner said. “Every day, there’s a street out there that’s deteriorating a little bit more or a new pothole that surfaces.”

What’s next?

According to the update on the project map, city staff are working on putting a bid package together for the three road projects. Construction is likely to begin this summer and be finished in late 2024.

For more information about infrastructure projects in the city, visit the projects' website.