The city of Richardson is planning to improve 35 traffic signals across the city as part of its ongoing transportation projects, according to a presentation during a Jan. 30 City Council meeting.

City officials said 17 intersections are set to see improvements as part of the 2021 bond programs. In addition, the Texas Department of Transportation is helping fund the replacement of 18 traffic signals over the next two years. Richardson officials said the traffic signal replacement project would make the transportation system more reliable by updating infrastructure and technology at these intersections.

“The key benefits to all of these projects is to improve safety, congestion and the overall efficiency of our local transportation network,” Richardson Transportation and Mobility Director Mark Nelson said. “There are always advances being made in technology as well as transportation network design, and these improvements will help us to improve today and prepare for the coming changes that will be brought with smart cars and autonomous vehicle designs.”

The bond-funded traffic signal project is designed to improve 17 intersections with 14 intersections receiving signal replacements and three intersections getting new signals. The three new intersections include the intersection at Floyd Road and Synergy Park Boulevard; Renner Road at Fire Station 5; and the intersection at Floyd Road and Lookout Drive.

City officials said the project is scheduled to be implemented in four phases with the first five signals scheduled for completion in October. Four additional signals are expected to be improved during each fiscal year for the next three years up until fiscal year 2025-26. The project is expected to cost $7.6 million overall with bonds being issued until FY 2025-26.

In addition to 2021 bond funds, Richardson officials said they plan to use Highway Safety Improvement program funds to improve even more signal infrastructure. The Highway Safety Improvement Program is a federal aid program run by TxDOT to reduce traffic fatalities and serious injuries on all public roads. HSIP funds, which require annual evaluation, cover up to 90% of project construction costs with the remaining project costs covered by state and/or local participation.

The city plans to replace aging traffic signal infrastructure at eight intersections with funds from the 2020 HSIP program. Construction is expected to last until October and cost more than $4 million with $3.15 million coming from HSIP funds. The city plans to contribute $610,000 while using $330,000 in transportation development credits from TxDOT.

Using funds from the 2021 HSIP program, Richardson plans to replace 10 additional traffic signals and add bike/pedestrian improvements along Collins Boulevard. Construction on these signal improvements is expected to begin during FY 2024-25 and is projected to cost $8.76 million. TxDOT is contributing over $7.84 million, while the city is providing $620,000, and Dallas County is funding $300,000.

According to city officials, 22 intersection signals have been upgraded since 2015.