Editor's note: This story has been amended to state Richardson's short-term rental regulations have only been discussed and are slated to be voted on by City Council on Sept. 26.

Richardson City Council is considering a resolution to regulate short-term rental use within the city.

After a presentation and discussion during the Sept. 19 council meeting, City Manager Don Magner said the resolution to regulate short-term rentals will be added to the Sept. 26 council agenda for an official vote. The resolution would require annual registration with the city into a short-term rental program beginning Jan. 1 next year. Part of the registration includes an annual fee of $75, posting of safety information, and abiding by local noise ordinances and neighborhood information.

"As most of the council has stated, ... I think this is an excellent first step," Mayor Paul Voelker said.

Short-term rentals are residential properties that are rented for no longer than 30 consecutive days, according to a city presentation. Short-term rentals apply to residential properties, including a single-family dwelling, or multiunit buildings, including an apartment. Short-term rental companies, such as Airbnb and Vrbo, rent out houses to tourists visiting certain cities.

According to the presentation, if the resolution were to be adopted, the city may not prohibit or ban short-term rentals and may not limit short-term rentals to owner-occupied residential properties. In addition, Richardson may adopt reasonable regulations that are backed by evidence showing the regulations serve to protect the health, safety and welfare of renters and other citizens, the resolution states.

If adopted, property owners and agents will be able to register properties in person or on a city website. The website would be available this December, according to the presentation.

The full agenda from the Sept. 19 meeting can be seen here.

Erick Pirayesh contributed to this report.