Richardson ISD announced Feb. 9 it is changing two planned early release days to become full days due to inclement weather cancellations in late January and early February.

Feb. 15 and April 6, which were previously designated as early-release days, will become full school days to make up for instruction time lost in the 2022-23 academic year. RISD was closed for four days Jan. 31-Feb. 3 after an ice storm warning forecast was issued throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

These changes are reflected on the updated RISD calendar, which still includes a student holiday Feb. 20, a week off for spring break March 13-17 and weather makeup days April 7 and April 10. Under the calendar, the school year is projected to end May 26, which is designated an early-release day.

“The plan for how last week’s snow days will impact April 7 and/or [April] 10 is expected to be discussed at the Feb. 16 board meeting and an announcement is expected the following day,” said Tim Clark, RISD executive director of communications, via text. “At that point the only thing that could change the make-up plan is if we were to miss additional time to inclement weather in the final weeks of winter.”

According to state regulations, RISD is required to have 75,600 instructional minutes per year. The district intentionally includes 440 instructional minutes in its school days, more than the 420 required by the state, to bank for additional weather makeup days.

RISD officials are expected to provide additional snow makeup day information over the next couple of weeks.