The National Weather Service expects winter storms and icy road conditions in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to last through Wednesday morning.

A winter storm warning has been issued through Feb. 1 at 6 a.m. NWS Meteorologist Hunter Reeves does not expect any snow, but he suggests avoiding travel as freezing rain and sleet roll through the area.

“I'm already seeing bridges and overpasses getting some slick spots,” Reeves said. “That's going to continue [Monday] afternoon and into Tuesday. Tuesday is probably going to be the worst as far as travel impacts go, and you may even see surface roads start to deteriorate. It's probably a good idea to stay home.”

The roads are expected to begin clearing up Feb. 1, as temperatures inch above freezing.

“We should see temperatures warm up to the mid- or upper 30s on Wednesday,” Reeves said. “It will still be cold, but that should help road conditions get better. If we get warmer rain that can help with the ice, but that can change as well. Wednesday morning will be the worst for travel, but conditions should start to improve Wednesday afternoon and Wednesday evening.”

Reeves added that those who need to travel should drive no faster than 30 miles per hour, especially over bridges and overpasses.

The storms will not be continuous through Feb. 1, with a mix of freezing rain, drizzle and sleet expected. There is also a low chance of downed power lines and tree damage due to ice, according to the NWS.