Ask our new managing editor: Why ‘Community Impact Newspaper?’


People choose where they live for lots of different reasons. Sometimes they seek out certain schools. Others might be more interested in the proximity to their job or ease of commuting. Affordability likely plays a role. People are also often influenced by the overall quality of life and amenities a city offers.

Here at Community Impact Newspaper we believe all those factors are important for residents to know. They get at the heart of what we do, which is cover community news. People want to know what’s happening down the street, in their schools and with their tax dollars.

I recently joined the staff here to follow my passion for local news, which is vital in this day and age. Keeping people informed improves communities.
That’s why readers will find lots of useful information in this issue. Editor Olivia Lueckemeyer is highlighting the top issues in Richardson. From stories about the progress of the school district’s bond projects to a preview of important issues for the ongoing legislative session, she’s got you covered.

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