Richardson ZIP codes are seeing fewer cases of the coronavirus compared to surrounding areas.

The city's largest ZIP code, 75080, leads with 83 confirmed cases, according to health and human services departments in Dallas and Collin counties. 75081 trails behind with 45 cases, while 75082 has seen only 20 cases. Citywide, 12 people have died from the virus.

These numbers are low compared to other parts of Dallas County, where some ZIP codes are reporting up to 398 cases. In Collin County, the highest number of confirmed cases per ZIP code is 79.

As of May 18, there were 7,679 confirmed cases of the virus in Dallas County. The total number of positive cases in Collin County is 1,047.

For a map of Collin County cases by ZIP code, visit this dashboard.

For a map of Dallas County cases by ZIP code, visit this map.