Editor's note: The story was updated to reflect an updated number of early voting ballots cast in Denton County. The county reported 45,165 voters cast a ballot during early voting. This story also reflects an update in the total number of registered voters.

Early voter turnout in Denton County saw an uptick in ballots cast during the week before Election Day, county data shows.

The breakdown

A total of 22,848 Denton County residents—3.7% of all registered voters in the county—cast their ballot in the final four days of early voting for the constitutional amendment and joint elections, according to Denton County voting data.

Diving deeper

A little over 23,000 Denton County residents cast their ballot during the first week of early voting from Oct. 23-30.

The two weeks of early voting combined total 45,165 ballots. With 621,201 registered voters in the county, this brings total voter turnout to 7.3%, according to voting data.

Learn more

Election Day will run from 7 a.m.-7 p.m. Nov. 7. Residents choosing to vote on Election Day must vote at their precinct, which can be found on Vote Denton’s website.

Ballot-specific information on the Nov. 7 election as well as live results coverage can also be found at communityimpact.com/voter-guide.