Additional short-term rental regulations are expected to be adopted later this year in Plano after planning staff shared a timeline for ending the short-term rental task force and bringing recommendations forward.

The city’s task force has been studying short-term rentals in Plano since 2023 and held its final meeting Feb. 28. Based on feedback from Plano City Council, further briefings are scheduled in March and April.

The context

Members of the city’s task force have been deliberating potential solutions to address short-term rentals in the city, officials said. Council received a briefing at the end of the study’s first phase last October with the second phase concluding in February with the presentation of the task force’s final report and recommendations.

A one-year interim ban on short-term rentals was approved last May to develop regulations.

Zooming in

Director of Planning Christina Day told council members during the Feb. 26 meeting that recommendations from the task force will likely include a registration program and updates to the city’s development regulations.

Once a registration program is established, it would likely have a three-month deadline to file a short-term rental with the city before enforcement begins, Day said. The three-month window would allow staff to advertise the program to the public and rollout the registration process, she added.

What’s next?

Based on council feedback, staff is expected to hold a briefing during the preliminary open meeting ahead of the March 19 regular council meeting. Adoption of new regulations is then expected to take place during the April 22 meeting.