Plano city leaders have taken action to rein in short-term rentals.

What happened: An interim ban on short-term rentals was approved May 8 with a 7-1 vote by Plano City Council.

Council members also voted 6-2 to table a short-term rentals registration ordinance until June 26. The additional time will allow for the study and assessment of the potential impact of pending state legislation related to short-term rentals. A registration ordinance would allow the city a way to approve, deny or revoke registration for short-term rentals.

Mayor John Muns and Council Members Anthony Ricciardelli, Maria Tu, Julie Holmer, Rick Smith, Rick Grady and Shelby Williams voted in favor of the interim ban.

The background: Short-term rentals have been the topic of numerous discussions in Plano, and the issue was also the focus of a joint meeting May 8 between City Council and the Plano Planning and Zoning Commission.

Short-term rentals are residential properties that are used for short stays and are listed online by companies such as Airbnb or Vrbo.

Meeting highlights
  • About 50 people turned out for the joint meeting.
  • Some speakers took the podium to plead with city leaders to do something to regulate and stop the spread of short-term rentals.
  • Many of their concerns centered on the crime, noise and litter that they say short-term rentals have brought into their neighborhoods. Residents have said the rentals also bring in transients who have no vested nor long-term interest in a neighborhood.
  • Part of the discussion by city staff, council members and members of the commission centered on pending state legislation and how it might impact any action that is taken.
What they’re saying: Ricciardelli said the council has been studying short=term rentals for several years, and he believes the time has come to begin taking action.

“I would further say that while the absolute number of new short-term rentals in Plano in the next six weeks may not end up being a huge number, if that’s next to your house, that’s the one that matters to you,” Ricciardelli said. “And so I think it’s really important that we take action now.”

Mayor Pro Tem Kayci Prince voted against the interim ban due to pending state legislation. She also said without a registration system in place for short-term rentals, an interim ban may not be enforceable.

Grady and Williams voted against tabling the short-term rentals registration ordinance.

The action taken: The commission was deadlocked May 8 on making a recommendation to City Council.

Two votes were taken by the commission. A vote to table an interim ban on short-term rentals failed 4-4, as did a vote to approve it.

“Essentially planning and zoning commission’s final report is no action, and it will move to council for their action,” commission Chair David Downs said prior to City Council’s vote on the interim ban.

The entire meeting and discussion are available online.