Plano ISD will be offering 26 new or revised courses in the 2020-21 school year.

Trustees approved the addition, revision and sunsetting recommendations of courses brought to the board Nov. 5 by Assistant Superintendent for Academic Services Katrina Hasley. The changes include one additional course at the middle school level; 25 additional courses for high school and Collin College Technical Campus students; and the removal, or sunsetting, of three courses at the high school level.

Newcomer English Language Development A and B and social intelligence courses are being sunset from the current course catalog.

Here is a comprehensive list of new and/or revised courses for the 2020-21 school year:

Middle school:

Computer science

Fundamentals of Computer Science, grade 8, 0.5 credit

High school:

Languages other than English

American Sign Language IV - dual credit, grade 12, 1 credit


IB Math Analysis and Approaches Standard Level, grades 11-12, 2 credits

IB Math Analysis and Approaches Higher Level, grades 11-12, 2 credits

IB Math Applications and Interpretation Standard Level, grades 11-12, 2 credits

IB Math Applications and Interpretation Standard Level, grades 11-12, 2 credits

English as a second language

New English Language Development and Acquisition, grades 9-12, 1 or 2 credits

Fine arts*

Music Theory II (advanced), grade 12, 1 credit

*Band, Orchestra and Choir III and IV Honors have been reinstated with curriculum updates

Advanced academics

College Preparatory English, grade 12, 0.5 or 1 credit

College Preparatory Math, grade 12, 1 credit

Speech Communications (dual)**, grades 9-12, 0.5 credit

**Speech Communications is currently piloting as a dual-credit online course that juniors and seniors may take in the spring

Career and technical education

Principles of Arts, Audio/Visual Technology and Communications, grades 9-12, 1 credit

Child Development (revised grade-level offerings), grades 10-12, 1 credit

Agricultural Structures, Design and Fabrication, grade 12, 2 credits

Project Lead the Way Medical Interventions, grade 12, 1 credit

Collin College Technical Campus:

AC/DC Electronics, Year 2, 1 credit

Practicum in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, Year 2, 2 credits

Introduction to Welding, Year 1, 1 credit

Welding II, Year 2, 2 credits

Practicum in Manufacturing, Year 2, 2 credits

Construction Management I, Year 1, 2 credits

Principles of Construction, Year 1, 1 credit

Construction Management II, Year 2, 2 credits

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and Refrigeration Technology I, Year 1, 1 credit

HVAC and Refrigeration Technology II, Year 1, 2 credits

Practicum in Construction Technology and Extended Practicum in Construction Technology, Year 2, 3 credits