More than 11,000 people living in Plano ZIP codes have claimed unemployment benefits, the Texas Workforce Commission reported.

The claimants have been concentrated most heavily in Plano's central and northwest regions, which have seen more than 4% of residents listed as claimants, according to a state agency database.

To be eligible for unemployment benefits, residents generally must have been laid off, been furloughed or lost business as an independent contractor or self-employed business. To be listed as a claimant, residents must apply for benefits through the Texas Workforce Commission and put in a payment claim.

Not all of the Plano residents who tried to claim benefits were considered eligible, according to the agency.

Nearly four in every five claimants in Plano ZIP codes were determined to be eligible for benefits.

Residents receiving these benefits are currently receiving up to $521 per week, depending on their former compensation, as well as another weekly payment of $600 under the federal stimulus law.

Where Plano unemployment claimants live:

  • 75023: 2,228 claimants (4.7% of ZIP population)

  • 75075: 1,519 claimants (4.1% of ZIP population)

  • 75024: 1,787 claimants (4.0% of ZIP population)

  • 75025: 2,085 claimants (3.8% of ZIP population)

  • 75093: 1,888 claimants (3.7% of ZIP population)

  • 75074: 2,004 claimants (3.5% of ZIP population)