Editor’s note: This is the latest information reported by the city of Plano and the state of Texas through their public reports and dashboards.

After seeing a temporary reduction in the number of newly confirmed coronavirus cases, Plano's number of new cases confirmed in the past week have risen back to levels resembling those from early July.

In all, 211 new cases of COVID-19 were confirmed in the past seven days, up from 154 confirmed during the week that ended July 23. Three new coronavirus deaths were reported in the city in the last week.

The new cases have also outnumbered recoveries over the same span of time, leading to an 80% rise in the number of active cases within the city since July 22.

Throughout the city, 379 residents are known to have an active case of the virus as of July 31. Twenty Plano residents are confirmed to have died from the virus, while 1,274 have tested positive and recovered.

The number of new cases in Plano has not been reflective of the population needing treatment in area hospitals, which declined in the past seven days.

The number of residents seeking care for COVID-19 in Collin County hospitals reached its lowest levels in weeks, with 162 hospitalized as of July 31.