The city of Plano is considering implementing a registration process in response to a number of complaints the city has received concerning short-term rentals.

According to a presentation during the June 27 meeting, a number of complaints have been made by residents concerning short-term rentals in Plano. A short-term rental includes rooms, whole houses, condominiums and apartments that rent daily or weekly for less than 30 days, according to the city. Providers such as Airbnb and Vrbo allow tourists to book lodging online. Data provided by the city states 47 service calls regarding short-term rentals had been received this year as of May 31. Of those calls, 34 were complaints related to noise violations, parties, alcohol or drugs.

Council members indicated further action may be taken regarding regulations for short-term rentals in the future but that the city is still gathering data and considering various options.

“I think we are on the path to the first steps, but we need more information,” Council Member Rick Smith said. “The worst thing is to do something without the right information and we get legally challenged on it and then we are in a worse place than we are now. We all want to do something about this.”

If enacted by council, the registration program could begin later this year, city documents stated. According to the staff presentation, the program would provide the city with contact info for rental property owners and would educate owners on current city rules and regulations. Officials said the program would provide data to better understand whether more regulations may be needed moving forward.

Currently, the city takes a three-pronged approach to complaints associated with short-term rentals. First, officials identify problem locations based on a high number of complaints or a property with an immediate issue. Then law enforcement officials mitigate the problem based on voluntary compliance or by taking legal action. And finally, the city provides follow-up by working with the property owner and the short-term rental company, according to city regulations.

Dallas City Council members are scheduled to vote on rules regulating short-term rental properties in September. The entire presentation regarding short-term rentals in Plano can be found here.