Editor’s note: This is the latest information reported by the city of McKinney, Collin County and the state of Texas through their public reports and dashboards.

McKinney has reported almost 600 new cases of COVID-19 over the past week as Collin County continues to see elevated levels of the coronavirus.

COVID-19 hospitalizations are tracking record-high numbers since data was recorded at the beginning of June. Hospitalizations in Collin County due to COVID-19 peaked Dec. 7 with 355 people hospitalized. As of Dec. 10, 335 people were hospitalized with COVID-19, which equates to 13.14% of the total bed capacity.

Collin County hospitals are part of a 19-county trauma service area, and more than 15% of hospital beds in this service area were filled with confirmed coronavirus patients as of Dec. 3, the seventh consecutive day the region was over that mark, according to the COVID-19 hospitalization dashboard through the city of Frisco.

This triggered automatic capacity reductions and bar closures across the Dallas-Fort Worth area in accordance with an October executive order from Gov. Greg Abbott.

Businesses that have been operating at 75% capacity—such as restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops and other food-service establishments—had to ramp back down to half of normal capacity as a result of the order.

As of Dec. 10, 15.77% of the hospital beds in this service area were filled with confirmed COVID-19 patients, according to the Frisco dashboard.

McKinney continues to offer data at the city level. McKinney added 596 new cases between Dec. 4-10. The total number of active COVID-19 cases in McKinney is 765 as of Dec. 10, up from 584 as of Dec. 3. This is the highest number of active cases since the city reported new-low levels in September.

As of Dec. 10, in McKinney, there have been 5,362 confirmed total cases of COVID-19 and 4,597 recoveries.

The Texas Department of State Health Services is no longer providing information on deaths specific to cities, as of Sept. 3.

Young people in their 20s have the highest number of active COVID-19 cases of any age group in McKinney, closely followed by people in their 40s, according to data from McKinney’s COVID-19 dashboard.

As of Dec. 10, there have been 30,763 total positive cases of COVID-19 in Collin County since reporting began in March. There are 3,912 active cases in Collin County and 26,851 recoveries as of Dec. 10.