The Highland Village City Council unanimously approved a contract on March 22 with Trisura Insurance Company and Talbran Enterprises, LLC to complete construction on the 2021 sidewalk improvements project.

The project was originally contracted with DBi Services, LLC in June 2021, but the contractor defaulted on the contract, leaving the project unfinished, according to the March 22 agenda item.

Construction of the Victoria Park and Brazos Park portions of the project was completed by DBi before it left the job, according to the agenda item. Construction of the Highland Village Road sidewalk phases 2 and 3 portion of the project remains.

The bid costs $861,737 for the insurance company and Talbran Enterprises, according to the agenda.

The original approved contract was $883,350, according to the item. The city paid out $47,868 leaving $835,481 remaining on the original contract. The new contractor has provided its bid proposal to Trisura that includes a $26,255 increase in contract price. Trisura will pay that difference to the city as part of its obligations under the performance bond.

Funding for the project comes from the 2018 bond program, according to the agenda item.