Father-son owned Gas Coffee Co. made its U.S. debut in Coppell, co-owner Marko Maric said.

Complete with indoor seating and a drive-thru, the shop sells drinks such as espressos, flat whites and traditional macchiatos alongside different pastries, Maric said. The company sources high-quality green coffees and roasts them with a sensitivity to their individual characteristics.

Over 10 years ago, Maric’s father started a wholesale coffee company in Cape Town, South Africa, Maric said. Back then, the business focused on supplying roasted beans for the hospitality industry. The business saw success selling over 20,000 pounds of coffee a month in wholesale distribution, he said.

But the family dreamt of owning their own shop and entering the retail space, so they decided to bring that concept to the U.S., where they settled in Coppell, Maric said.

“There's beautiful opportunities here,” he said. “It truly is a land where if you put in hard work, it does pay off, and we feel we’ve been greeted nicely by the people of this community in Coppell.”

Originally, the concept was to put coffee shops inside gas stations—playing on the idea that as gasoline is the fuel for cars coffee is the fuel for people—and thus the name Gas Coffee Co. was born, Maric said.

Along with the coffee shop's new offerings, the family still roasts beans for purchase with the same equipment and techniques used in Cape Town. Maric and his father run the shop seven days a week and hope to provide the community with a product they believe in, Maric said.

“It comes from the heart. It's a true passion for us to be here,” he said.