Tommy Osborne, executive director of construction for Northwest ISD, gave NISD board members an update on construction progress at Northwest High School along with several other projects under construction at the board's regular meeting on June 24.

The details

Osborne highlighted the renovations and additions currently underway at Northwest High School and gave preliminary timelines for their completion. They include:
  • Summer 2024: Work will continue on the arena and the administration suite as well as renovations to the orchestra classroom, hallways and special education classroom.
  • Start of 2024-25 school year: Work on the orchestra room, new library, hallways and special education classrooms is expected to be complete. Work will continue on the west side administration suite, arena and new athletics areas.
  • January 2025-May 2025: The west side administration suite and new west side entry, arena and athletics areas are expected to be complete. Renovations will begin on remaining existing athletics areas, east academics classrooms and east administration suite.
  • Summer 2025: Renovations to athletics areas, east academics classrooms and the remaining fine arts area are expected to be complete in addition to a new cosmetology area.
A closer look

Osborne touched on the construction progress with other district projects. These include:
  • Pike Middle School replacement
  • New Perrin Elementary School
  • New administration building
  • Prairie View Elementary replacement
  • Justin Elementary School replacement
According to a district website, Pike Middle and Perrin Elementary schools remain on schedule to be open for the start of the 2024-25 school year. The new administration building is slated to be open in mid-2025. The new Prairie View Elementary and Justin Elementary schools that are replacing existing campuses are scheduled to come online for the beginning of the 2025-26 school year.