Stevie’s Diner closed after 13 years in operation in Fort Worth. The family-owned restaurant offered traditional diner fare in a 70s-inspired setting.

Owner Steve Prochaska said in an April 26 Facebook post that business had begun slowing two months ago and he had fallen behind on his bills, including rent.

“Yesterday we got a letter from the landlord basically stating if they do not receive full payment within five days, we're out,” Prochaska said on Facebook. “There is no conceivable way to come up with this money in that amount of time.”

Prochaska then thanked his customers for their years of patronage.

“I'm so grateful to have been able to share all the food and memories with all of you for the past 13 years,” Prochaska said. “I hope you were able to create some great memories at Stevie's, I know I have.”