Colleyville residents share opinions on infrastructure replacement, multipurpose recreation center

(Graphic by Ellen Jackson/Community Impact Newspaper)
(Graphic by Ellen Jackson/Community Impact Newspaper)

(Graphic by Ellen Jackson/Community Impact Newspaper)

Colleyville staff used specific questions in its 2019 Colleyville Citizen Satisfaction Survey to identify what residents want moving forward. These survey results were shared in a December work session.

In one case, most survey takers agreed the city was providing the proper amount of road construction, but 24% of respondents said there was not enough.

Following this question, residents were asked to share their preference if construction should be of shorter duration but with greater frequency or longer duration with less frequency. The majority said they would prefer the former.

Staff will also use the survey to help determine if it should establish an all-ages recreational facility. Survey questions were designed to help the city evaluate the community’s desire for this kind of facility, according to the survey report.

When asked if they were interested in a multipurpose recreation facility, 67% of respondents said yes. However, the way forward became less clear when respondents were asked to pick between six different options.

Two options emerged from the six as the most preferred. One of these options, which received support from about 50% of respondents, would involve developing a new 45,000-square-foot facility for multipurpose recreation.

The other option, which received support from 42% of respondents, was to renovate the Colleyville Senior Center to reconfigure its rooms and give the facility an update.

“You see a little bit of that polarization of either ‘Go all the way and recover as much as you can through fees,’ or ‘Do the bare minimum rehab that’s needed,’” Assistant City Manager Adrienne Lothery said during the work session.

Council took no action based on the results but will use them to formulate future decisions.
By Miranda Jaimes

Editor, Frisco & McKinney

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