Buzzed Bull Creamery closed its doors Jan. 7, but Stephen and Paula Eyre plan to open Scoop & A Shot in the same location.

The former franchise used liquor nitrogen to create more than 30 ice cream flavors, while offering "buzzed" ice cream, milkshakes and coffee infused with alcohol.

The previous location opened Sept. 12, 2022.

Paula Eyre noted the new independently owned business will offer alcohol-infused and regular ice cream, but will not use liquid nitrogen.

The business will offer cocktail or mocktail—without alcohol—parfaits in a martini glass and offer flights of various flavors. Slushies and spiked slushies will also be added to the menu.

“You know, almost everybody in the world loves ice cream, so we want to be a place for our community, our family and friends to come and gather,” Paula Eyre said.

Paula Eyre said the new business will allow the couple to tap into their entertainment background and creativity.