Grapevine Car Wash, also known as Hot Water Self Carwash, reopened after being closed due to damage from a tornado in December 2022.

“A tornado destroyed our wash bays, equipment room and equipment,” owner Vic Ware said. “We have all new equipment in the wash bays and vacuum bays.”

Ware said he took the opportunity to rebuild after the tornado to make some additions to the business.

“We installed palm dryers for drying vehicles in every bay,” Ware said. “We still accept quarters and credit cards in every bay and have added tap and pay, and bill acceptors in all bays. We still have a bill-changer in front of the pump room to get quarters for vacuums.”

Not only did the tornado damage Ware’s business, it also hit his house as it made its way across Hwy. 114.

“The devastating impact of the tornado on our business and community was a harrowing experience and one that I will never forget,” Ware said. “Residents of Grapevine have voiced words of support as we went through the rebuild.”