frs-2017-01-17-011. Rockhill Parkway

The first phase of the Rockhill Parkway extension project ended in 2016 and is open to traffic.

The roadway is being extended and widened to six lanes from CR 26 to Coit Road. The first phase extends from CR 26 to Preston Road. The second phase, extending from Preston Road to Coit Road, is still in the design phase. Construction is scheduled to
begin in July.

Timeline: 2014-Oct. 2016 (CR 26-Preston Road), July 2017-TBD (Preston-Coit roads)

frs-2017-01-17-022. Preston Road intersection improvements

The design phase to improve intersections on Preston Road is nearly complete and construction is expected to begin in April.

The improvement project extends from SH 121 to Main Street. Additional turn lanes will be added to the Warren Parkway, Lebanon Road, Wade Boulevard, Rolater Road and Main Street intersections on Preston Road.

Timeline: April 2017-June 2018

frs-2017-01-17-033. Dallas Parkway improvements

The project to improve Dallas Parkway began January 2016, and construction continues as additional lanes are added to the northbound and southbound roads at the intersections of Warren Parkway and Lebanon Road.

Construction is scheduled for completion by March.

Another project to widen Dallas Parkway from Lebanon Road to Eldorado Parkway is still in the design phase and construction begins in 2018.

Timeline: January 2016-March 2017 (SH 121 to Lebanon Road), January 2018-TBD (Lebanon Road to Eldorado Parkway)

frs-2017-01-17-044. 4th Army Drive extension

The first phase completed in December to extend 4th Army Drive from Lebanon Road to Stewart Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The second phase to extend treatment plant to Timber Ridge Drive has begun and will be complete in 2018.

Timeline: August 2015-December 2016 (Phase 1), December 2016-June 2018 (Phase 2)

frs-2017-01-17-055. FM 423 widening

The FM 423 widening project in Frisco stretches from US 380 to Eldorado Parkway. The roadway is being widened from two lanes to a six-lane divided roadway.

Timeline: October 2014-February 2017 (US 380 to Eldorado Parkway)

frs-2017-01-17-066. US 380 widening

The first phase of US 380 widening project is complete. The first phase stretches from Lovers Lane to Custer Road.

The second phase, from CR 26 to Lovers Lane, is under construction.

The third phase, which spans from CR 26 to Loop 288, is still in
the design phase, and construction dates are still undetermined.

Timeline: September 2014-December 2016 (Lovers Lane to Custer Road), September 2015-December 2018 (CR 26-Lovers Lane), TBD (CR 26 to Loop 288)