Frisco City Council members chose to add corporate engagement, north Frisco activation and more to their top 10 priorities for 2024 during the second day of their Jan. 18-19 winter work session.

The priorities list is a way to communicate to residents some of the work council members and city staff are planning to focus on, Mayor Jeff Cheney said.

“Outside of our day-to-day excellence, ... [the priority list has] 10 new things or 10 things we’re trying to push forward,” Cheney said.

The city still has evergreen priorities that exist separately from their annual top 10, such as roads and infrastructure, council member Angelia Pelham said.

Looking forward

Multiple items from the original 2023 list are still priorities for the coming year. Take a look at the city’s updated list for 2024:
  • Masterplanning Grand Park
  • Performing arts center
  • Frisco reinvestment of assets
  • World Cup 2026 and other marquee events
  • Parks activation
  • Innovation ecosystem
  • Downtown Frisco
  • North Frisco activation
  • Community engagement
  • Corporate engagement

“[2024] is kind of like a year of parks,” Cheney said.

Looking back

City officials either completed or made progress on all of the goals they set for 2023, including:

Quote of note

“What we're doing today is not just for today. It's for tomorrow as well, and we have a lot of work to still accomplish,” City Manager Wes Pierson said.